SMARTFISH H2020 will develop new and innovative technology for the fishing sector, based on a set of enabling technologies that have seen drastic improvements and/or greatly increased availability in recent years:

Based on these enabling technologies, SMARTFISH H2020 will research and develop the following concepts:

SeinePrecog is a system for pre-catch size and species recognition for purse seine fisheries based on optical and hydroacoustic technologies. This is developed in WP1 and tested in WP6, 7 and 9.

FishFinder, a real-time monitoring system for detection of organisms (e.g. nephrops and flatfish) which are undetectable using conventional fish finding techniques (i.e., echo sounders and sonars). Developed in WP2 and tested in WP10.

TrawlMonitor, a real-time system able to provide detailed information on species and sizes entering the trawl. Developed in WP2 and tested in WP10.

NephropsScan, a system for automatic detection and counting of nephrops burrows. Developed in WP2 and tested in WPs 8 and 10.

SmartGear, a system that uses LED technology to optimise the catching performance of trawl fishing gear, based on the reaction of fish to light. Developed in WP3 and tested in WP8-10.

CatchScanner, a 3D machine vision system for catch analysis on on-board conveyor belts. Developed in WP4, tested in WP6 and 8.

CatchSnap, a versatile, handheld 3D machine vision unit for inspecting catch samples on smaller fishing vessels. Developed in WP4 and tested in WPs 7-10.

CatchMonitor, a system for automatic monitoring and analysis using CCTV cameras. Developed in WP4 and tested in WP9.

FishData, a hardware and software infrastructure for acquisition, analysis and presentation of data from onboard catch monitoring systems and other relevant data sources. Developed in WP5 and tested in WP 6 and 9.