Attached is the presentation from Senior Research Scientist Lars Tandle Kyllingstad – WP5 leader – from SINTEF Ocean on BigData in fisheries, presented during NorFishing 2018 in Trondheim Norway. The presentation is in Norwegian, and a lot of it builds on work in the ongoing big data project from Horizon2020 DataBio.

Cliff notes in English:

Big Data is “Society´s ability to exploit information in new ways to produce useful knowledge or goods and services with high value” and “…things you can do [with data] in a big scale, but that can not be done in a smaller scale, so that you can gain new insight or create new value.” [Mayer-Schönberger & Cukier (2013): Big Data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work and think]. Big data is in vogue right now because it is part of the fourth industrial revolution, driven by leaps forward in computer science, artificial intelligence, communications, robotics and other areas in the borderland between the physical and digital world, such as “the Internet of Things”, sensors everywhere (even on fishing vessels) and easier access to data sources – at sea as well as on land.