“Green” open access

  • The authors archive (self-archiving or by a third person), in an open repository, the final version of the article or the final manuscript peer-reviewed. ACCEPTED/POST PRINT VERSION – last version before published.
  • This is the author accepted version – which is the accepted version BEFORE typesetting but AFTER peer review!
  • It can be deposited before, during or after the publication. Usually it is archived after an embargo period set by the publishers whose review and publishes the article in journals. ICES Journal of Marine science for example has an embargo period of 12 months. The EU requirement is that the embargo period must be maximum 6 months for Natural Science and 12 months for social sciences. If this happens, you will have to opt for Gold open access (see below).
  • How can you know about embargo periods? http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php

“Gold” Open Access 

  • The publication is immediately made available in Open Access by the scientific publisher. Research articles are accessible since they are published.
  • The publication costs are covered by the authors


PRESENTATION on Publishing Open Access – Green or Gold