This past September our partners at AZTI were able to perform acoustic surveys in which they tested ZUNIBAL’s acoustic ZSR echosounder prototype of the SeinePrecog. The test showed a promising performance in the fish size estimation, that will enable the commercial fishers to select the species in the catch more efficiently.

The current interface of the SeinePrecog acoustic system includes software applications that will enable the system to record raw data (echograms) of schools that could serve to improve the data collection for stock assessment. We have attached videos from those test for our readers to gain a glimpse into the life of our researchers during onboard testing.

Video 1: Fishing anchovy, ecograms of an anchovy school near the surface


Video 2: ecograms of a sardine school near the surface


Video 3: Visualization of the scientific acoustic equipment on board the scientific vessel Angeles Alvariño


Video 4: Images of the interface of the ZRS Zunibal echosounder