Poster by SmartfishH2020 partner DTU presented at Naturmodet

One of our partners – DTU –  presented the SMARTFISH project and their work in WP2 during the last People’s Festival of Nature (Naturmødet) in Hirtshals, Denmark (May 23rd-25th 2019).

The People’s Festival of Nature is an annual celebration held since 2016 of everything nature has to offer and has 20,000 attendees. The festival centers around a public debate, where politicians, scientists, organizations, and the public unite to discuss and debate on a variety of issues and topics involving nature.

The Festival has 3 pillars: political, professional, and public. It is a major event in Denmark, attracting significant Danish and international organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Plastic Change, the European Environment Agency, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, and the Danish Waste Association among many others.

The Danish Minister of the Environment and Food participates as well, along with many other important politicians representing the Danish Parliament. Furthermore, the leading Danish universities and scientists come and present their latest research and projects. On account of the massive national participation, there is extensive media coverage of the Festival. Families, nature enthusiasts, students, professionals, and many others enjoy and participate in the three days of activities and debates that comprise the People’s Festival of Nature (