Recently, a researcher and project leader at SINTEF Ocean, Elling Ruud Øye, was interviewed by a Norwegian new site called Tekfisk (26. January, 2021). This online newspaper covers topics of research and technology within the seafood industry. The article is written in Norwegian and can be found here.

For those who do not understand Norwegian the main points are summarized below:


  • Two of the prototypes within SMARTFISH, Catch Snap & Catch Scanner, who are primarily aimed at assisting the fishing industry to estimate the length, weight, and catch of fish, can soon find their way into the private sector.
    • Individuals will be able to simply take a picture on their smart phone to reveal the same information about the fish.
  • Currently, these prototypes are testing with a 97-100% accuracy rate on domestic fish species
  • The capability of this concept is there, these are light and inexpensive components that depend on upcoming 3D technology to be integrated into smartphones.

Photo: provided by SINTEF Ocean

Cover photo: provided by Pexels