Participants from AZTI and ZUNIBAL is currently working on a parallel task related to the calibration in the laboratory of the SeinePrecog. The following photos and video are showing the ZUNIBAL’s echosounder prototypes calibration, and the preliminary test of the integration of the imaging (UTOFIA 3D and LH video-cameras) and acoustic systems in the housing regarding the development of the SeinePrecog system in the WP1. Photo cred: AZTI.

Photo 1. Control desk for the test of the ZUNIBAL’s echosounder prototypes in the Aquarium in Mazarron In Murcia (Spain) (June 2020).

Photo 2: Echosounder prototypes in the bottom of the the tuna tanks in Mazarron (June 2020)

Photo 3. Metallic spheres used for the calibration of the prototypes of the ZUNIBAL’s echosounder (July 2020)

Photo 4. Pre-installation of the scientific echosounders and ZUNIBAL prototypes (70 kHz and 200 kHz) in the housing for the test in the purse seiner in the Bay of Biscay (July 2020).

The tests at sea of the SeineProg are foreseen for September 2020.

Text and photos: AZTI