Would you like to learn more about the CatchSnap and the CatchScanner – but were unable to make it to the presentation during NorFishing 2018?

This is your chance – we have attached it in pdf.

Norfishing 2018 Catchsnap

The EU challenge for us was to assess how we can achieve sustainable fisheries in the future, especially using 3D vision, GPU image processing and machine learning.

CatchScanner is a 3D machine vision system for catch analysis on an assembly line onboard, where it exists.  We foresee the use of advanced 3D cameras, but we may also be able to use laser triangulation.

CatchSnap, is a flexible hand held 3D machine vision entity that will allow for catch inspection on smaller vessels. This is important since in large areas of the world, fisheries consist of smaller vessels without an onboard assembly line where catch analysis can be done easily. The solution may then be in a handheld 3D scanner on smaller mobile units – perhaps even a mobile phone.

The presentation will give some examples of these.

For more information, contact John Reidar Mathiassen at SINTEF Ocean (John.Reidar.Mathiassen@sintef.no) or Martin von Heimburg  (Martin.Heimburg@sintef.no).