SINTEF OceanROLE: Research Partner
SINTEF is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization with about 2000 employees. SINTEF Ocean has about 340 employees, and conducts research within ocean-based industries, developing new technology, knowledge and creating new products and businesses. Coordinates Smartfish H2020, and leads WP4 and 5.
AZTIROLE: Research Partner
The Marine Research Division (MRD) of AZTI is expert in the research of sustainable fisheries management, marine ecosystems functioning, coastal environmental management and efficient use of marine resources. Leader WP1.
DTU Aqua
DTU AquaROLE: Research Partner
The National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) provides research, education and advice concerning sustainable exploitation of living marine and fresh water resources. Work package leaders WP2, 3 and 10.
Marine Scotland Marine Laboratory
Marine Scotland Marine LaboratoryROLE: Research Partner
Marine Scotland is the principal marine management organisation in Scotland. Its core functions involve scientific research, compliance monitoring, policy and management of Scotland’s seas. Leads WP8.
Melbu Systems AS
Melbu Systems ASROLE: Technology Supplier
A leading supplier of process equipment in stainless steel for the fish food industry in Norway. A 3D machine vision system will be implemented to improve an existing product of theirs, currently used in a specialized application for catch analysis of a few species of whitefish. WP6 leader.
Çukurova University Fisheries Faculty
Çukurova University Fisheries FacultyROLE: Research Partner
One of the top universities in Turkey with more than 47 000 students and modern infrastructure and facilities. The Faculty of Fisheries participates in Smartfish H2020, leading WP7.
CefasROLE: Research Partner
Cefas is a world leader in marine science and technology, providing innovative solutions for the aquatic environment, biodiversity and food security. The centre is the UK’s most diverse in terms of applied marine and freshwater science and research. Leads WP11.
Mersin University
Mersin UniversityROLE: Research Partner
The university was established in 1992 and has more than 33 000 students. is also a regional technology hub thanks to its ‘Advanced Technology and Research Center” and ‘Technology Development Zone’. Provides data for WP1,2,4 and 5 and involved in field tests in WP7.
SINTEF Digital
SINTEF DigitalROLE: Research Partner
The Department of Optical Measurements Systems and Data Analysis will further develop the UTOFIA system in Smartfish H2020; a system that sees further underwater and provides simultaneous 3D information; to enable its use towards the fishery industry.
NTNUROLE: Research Partner
Norways primary institution for educating future engineers and scientists. Marine research is one of NTNU’s six Strategic Areas. NTNU will participate in designing operations in the sea and by integration of 3D video systems for ROV mounting.
University of East Anglia
University of East AngliaROLE: Research Partner
Ranked 15th in the UK, the UEA is an English public research university located in the city of Norwich. In Smartfish H2020, the Automated Visual Analysis Group will extend their expertise in developing computer vision algorithms and focus on machine learning techniques.
Marport France SAS
Marport France SASROLE: Technology Supplier
Marport is a strong brand in terms of fisheries monitoring systems. Marport has access to the fish industry market and can easily sense and feel what this market would be able to accept as new technology.
ZunibalROLE: Technology Supplier
A technology company pioneer in the use of satellite communications applied to fishing. In Smartfish H2020, they will develop a system for pre-catch and sizes recognition for purse seiners in fishing of small pelagic fishes.
SafetyNet Technologies LTD
SafetyNet Technologies LTDROLE: Technology Supplier
A technology company that designs and builds devices that increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, making the industry more sustainable. Provide electronic and optical hardware solutions for experimentation and eventual commercialization in Smartfish H2020.
Nergård Havfiske
Nergård HavfiskeROLE: Fishing Company
Second largest Norwegian fish trawling company that owns 5 trawlers and 160 employees. Participates with vessels for practical testing of new technological solutions in Smartfish H2020.
InterfishROLE: Fishing Company
Has a fleet of 10 vessels, working with the best local fishers in the UK. In Smartfish H2020, it allows access to on board cameras to help in the development of automatic image analysis capability to enable more efficient data gathering.
LarrasmendiROLE: Fishing Company
Basque trawler fishing company that owns 1 trawler with almost 9% of the Spanish quota of demersal species. Participates in WP9 facilitating the integration of sensors and the tests in commercial vessels.