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Nephrops is  a genus of lobster, but is substantially smaller, with long narrow claws.  Nephrops norvegicus is known by a number of other names as well, such as scampiNorway lobsterDublin Bay prawn or langoustine. It can be up to 25 cm long,

The European Nephrops directed fishery is a 500 million Euro industry. Enabling such fisheries to search for Nephrops prior to the catching operation and continuously monitor the catch entering the trawl, as well as the gears overall performance during the catching operation will substantially improve the fisheries catch efficiency, species and sizes selectivity, economic efficiency and reduce the ecosystem effects the fishery has on the environment.

Smartfish is developing a system that will enable the systematic and objective estimation of Nephrops abundance when deployed during Nephrops stock assessment surveys. This will significantly improve current methods which rely on time-consuming, subjective, manual observation of video footage. The aim is that the NeprhopsScan will be used in Nephrops stock assessment surveys around Scotland for the SMARTFISH H2020 project. The ambition is that it will be able to   demonstrate the performance in acquisition and analysis of burrow counts and use in the Nephrops stock assessment.