Press Release
SINTEF: Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Fisheries

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SMARTFISH H2020: Innovation for Sustainable Fisheries

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Introduction to SMARTFISH H2020

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SINTEF: Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Fisheries

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In this table you will find information about the peer reviewed journal articles published with funding from the Smartfish H2020 project as they become available online.

Title Journal Author Partner DOI

On this page, you will find downloadable versions of public deliverables of the Smartfish H2020 project once they are approved by the Project Officer. Bear in mind that this approval not necessarily corresponds with the delivery date of the deliverable, since it goes through peer review before becoming public.

Deliverables Title Work Package Due Month
D11.2 Internet presence |


WP11 4
D5.1 FishData system specification |


WP5 6
D11.3 Data Management Plan |


WP11 6
D11.6 Updated Data Management Plan |


WP11 26
D12.4 GA and progress report Y3 |


WP12 36
D6.1 Test and demonstration report WP6 |

WP6 42
D7.1 Test and demonstration report WP7 |

WP7 42
D8.1 Test and demonstration report WP8 |

WP8 42
D9.1 Test and demonstration report WP9 |

WP9 42
D10.1 Test and demonstration report WP10 |

WP10 42
D6.2 Promotion report and material WP6 |

WP6 48
D7.2 Promotion report and material WP7 |

WP7 48
D8.2 Promotion report and material WP8 |

WP8 48
D9.2 Promotion report and material WP9 |

WP9 48
D10.2 Promotion report and material WP10 |


WP10 48