SmartfishH2020 is on Twitter, an increasingly popular social media platform with academics as well as students, policymakers, politicians and the general public and as such, it is a platform where SmartfishH2020 has chosen to make its presence shown.

Since Tweets only can be up to 140 characters long but can include links to relevant websites and resources, it is a great form of microblogging for the project and disseminating our results.  However, it is also a platform where the project is able to be continuously updated on other developments in the same field around Europe as well as globally. Not only can you can create your own tweets but you can also retweet information that has been tweeted by others, thereby sharing information  quickly and efficiently with a large number of people.

As such, we encourage you to follow us @smartfishh2020 and see what is moving around Europe when it comes to the Ocean, fisheries technology, innovation and policy.