Innovation for Sustainable Fisheries

SMARTFISH H2020 is an international research project which aims to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector. The goal is to optimize resource efficiency, improve automatic data collection for fish stock assessment, provide evidence of compliance with fishery regulations and reduce the ecological impact of the industry.

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Fishing gear research is usually conducted aboard commercial fishing vessels out in sea. Turkish fishers are typically committed to their traditions and less open to new technologies and ideas. Being a fishing gear researcher is [...]

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The SMARTFISH H2020-project are featured in the CNN International-series – Business evolved about overfishing. You can see the interview with project lease Rachel Tiller (SINTEF Ocean) and WP-leader John Reidar Mathiassen (SINTEF Ocean) here:

Attached are some photos from the shooting with Rachel, John Reidar and Rasa from SINTEF Ocean.

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Do you check if the fish or seafood you bought comes from a sustainable fishery? 🐟🦐

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Norway will close its waters to EU & UK vessels on 1 Jan without a quota sharing agreement between the three parties. This might not matter to some countries, but in Scotland much of the catch is from Norwegian waters and 20% is landed into Norwegian ports smartfishh2020 photo

We are featured in @cnni series #businessevolved about #overfishing - Project lease @racheltiller and WP leader John Reidar Mathiassen at @SINTEF are interviewed - @forskningsradet @EU_Commission

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The 6th WPs objective is to test and demonstrate different #technologies to evaluate their suitability and feasibility for use in Norwegian -and #BarentsSea #fisheries, and promote their uptake by the regional #fishingsector, within different target fisheries. Lead: #MelbuSystems smartfishh2020 photo