Innovation for Sustainable Fisheries

SMARTFISH H2020 is an international research project which aims to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector. The goal is to optimize resource efficiency, improve automatic data collection for fish stock assessment, provide evidence of compliance with fishery regulations and reduce the ecological impact of the industry.

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The 6th work package objective in Smartfish is to test and demonstrate the SeinePrecog, CatchScanner and FishData technologies to evaluate their suitability and feasibility for use in Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea fisheries, and to promote their uptake by the regional fishing sector. Targeted fisheries include purse seining (mainly mackerel and herring), whitefish trawling and shrimp trawling. WP-lead: Melbu Systems
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The 6th WPs objective is to test and demonstrate different #technologies to evaluate their suitability and feasibility for use in Norwegian -and #BarentsSea #fisheries, and promote their uptake by the regional #fishingsector, within different target fisheries. Lead: #MelbuSystems smartfishh2020 photo

@smartfishh2020 was mentioned, and Dr. Lars T. Kyllingstad (SINTEF Ocean), who is part of the management team in the project, was interviewed in i Horizon (31. Aug. 2020): “Hydroacoustic 3D snapshots of fish habitats could help stem overfishing”.

Data collection systems developed in @smartfishh2020, when implemented at an EU level for fisheries, will improve #compliance with #fisheries regulations, reduce costs of fisheries monitoring, and provide data for management purposes. @EU_Commission @EU_H2020 Photo: Adobe Stock smartfishh2020 photo

DATA HANDLING SYSTEM - The objective of the 5th work package is to develop FishData, a hardware and software infrastructure for acquisition, analysis and presentation of data from onboard catch #monitoringsystems and other data sources. WP-lead: @SINTEF Photo: PEXELS smartfishh2020 photo