Innovation for Sustainable Fisheries

SMARTFISH H2020 is an international research project which aims to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector. The goal is to optimize resource efficiency, improve automatic data collection for fish stock assessment, provide evidence of compliance with fishery regulations and reduce the ecological impact of the industry.

Recent News

Nephrops – and where to find them!

Photo credit: Adobe Stock Nephrops is  a genus of lobster, but is substantially smaller, with long narrow claws.  Nephrops norvegicus is known by a number of other names as well, such as scampi, Norway lobster, Dublin [...]

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The #smartfishh2020 partners have started arriving in #Aberdeen #Scotland for the third annual meeting of this Sintef Ocean coordinated #horizon2020 project on innovations in fisheries technologies - hosted by partner Marine Scotland!

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Detect & count #nephrop burrows & provide decision support to #fishers Y2-3 of the #smartfishh2020 project, we will test the NephropsScan developed in WP2 in WP8 & 10 @europeancommission #horizon2020 @marinescotland @DTUtweet @CefasGovUK @SINTEF_Ocean @EU_H2020 photo: Adobe Stock smartfishh2020 photo

At the @smartfishh2020 annual meeting for @SNTechUK learning about IP and information sharing with House of Knowledge. Fascinating stuff. “Know what you have and know when to share” project inventory is key. #innovation #intellectualproperty #sustainablefishing smartfishh2020 photo

An international research project that's developing & testing new technology systems in the fishing sector is being trialled in Scottish waters by our scientists 🐟

As @smartfishh2020 partners gather in Aberdeen read more about @marinescotland's role ➡️
smartfishh2020 photo

Playing Serious Games on IP and IPR at the annual meeting in Aberdeen hosted by @marinescotland #smartfishh2020 smartfishh2020 photo